Top 5 Best Roof Shingles for Florida Homes

In the sunny and storm-prone state of Florida, choosing the right roofing material is crucial for protecting your home from the elements. With the humidity, frequent rainfall, and potential for severe weather, selecting shingles that offer durability, longevity, and resistance to algae is essential. This article will explore the top 5 best roof shingles for Florida homes, taking into account the unique climatic challenges of the region.

1. Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Shingles

When you’re in the market for a new roof for your Florida home, Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles should be your top consideration. Renowned for their superior quality and durability, Atlas has established itself as a leader in the roofing industry. With over a century of experience, their commitment to innovation and excellence shines through in their extensive range of roofing materials.

Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles offer a diverse array of styles coupled with unmatched durability and weather resistance, making them ideal for Florida’s challenging climate. Engineered to withstand high winds, heavy rain, and intense sun exposure, these shingles provide long-lasting protection for your home. Additionally, their algae-resistant properties ensure a roof free from unsightly stains and deterioration.

Here are some key advantages of choosing Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles for your roofing needs:

  • High-quality materials with a stellar industry reputation
  • A wide selection of styles to suit various homeowner preferences
  • Exceptional durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions
  • Energy-efficient features that can help lower cooling costs
  • Comprehensive warranty coverage for added peace of mind

While the initial cost of Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles may be higher compared to some other brands, their long-term benefits and superior protection make them a worthwhile investment for Florida homeowners. Partner with Wescon Construction, Inc. for professional installation and enjoy the lasting beauty and reliability of Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles for your Florida home.

2. GAF

Brown Shingles Roof from Wescon Construction, Inc.

When selecting the best roof shingles for your Florida home, GAF stands out as a premium choice. With a century-long reputation for quality, GAF offers a wide range of shingle options that cater to both aesthetic preferences and the need for durability in harsh weather conditions.

Reputation and Reliability: GAF’s commitment to excellence is evident in their long-lasting roofing materials. Their shingles are designed to endure the rigors of Florida’s climate, from relentless sun to torrential rains.

Energy Efficiency: Not only do GAF shingles protect your home from the elements, but they also contribute to energy efficiency. By maintaining stable indoor temperatures, they can help reduce your energy bills.

However, it’s important to consider that while GAF shingles are algae-resistant and built to last, some homeowners have reported issues. For instance, there have been instances of shingles disintegrating due to a bad batch, which the company acknowledged. Although GAF admitted fault, the compensation offered may not always cover the full extent of the inconvenience or damage.

In summary, GAF shingles offer a blend of style, efficiency, and protection for your home, but it’s crucial to ensure proper installation and to be aware of the potential for manufacturing defects.

3. Owens Corning

When you’re considering shingles for your Florida home, Owens Corning should be on your list. Renowned for their quality and durability, these shingles are designed to withstand the severe weather conditions that Florida is known for. With a variety of materials, colors, and styles, Owens Corning offers you the flexibility to choose a roofing solution that meets your aesthetic and architectural needs.

Moreover, Owens Corning shingles are energy efficient, helping to reduce your home’s energy consumption and improve indoor comfort. This is particularly important in Florida’s intense heat and humidity. While they may come at a premium price, the investment can be justified by their strong warranty coverage and the potential energy savings.

However, it’s essential to consider the availability of these products in your area and the need for professional installation. Owens Corning relies on contractors for installation services, so ensure you have access to reliable professionals. Remember, proper installation is crucial for the longevity and effectiveness of your roof. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Seek out energy-efficient options to save on long-term costs.
  • Check the availability of Owens Corning products in your region.
  • Plan for professional installation to guarantee the best performance of your shingles.

4. CertainTeed

When you’re considering a new roof for your Florida home, CertainTeed should be at the top of your list. Known for their reputation and quality, CertainTeed has been a trusted name in roofing for over a century. Their commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in the wide range of roofing materials they offer, from traditional shingles to metal and solar roofing options.

CertainTeed’s shingles are not only diverse in style but also boast durability and weather resistance, crucial for Florida’s harsh weather conditions. They are designed to withstand high winds, heavy rain, and the intense sun. Moreover, CertainTeed shingles are algae-resistant, a mandatory feature in Florida, ensuring a longer-lasting roof free from the damaging effects of algae buildup.

Here are some key advantages of choosing CertainTeed for your roofing needs:

  • High-quality materials with a strong industry reputation
  • A broad selection to suit various homeowner preferences
  • Enhanced durability and resistance to extreme weather
  • Energy-efficient options that can help reduce cooling costs
  • Comprehensive warranty coverage for added peace of mind

However, it’s important to note that while CertainTeed offers exceptional quality and warranty, the cost may be higher than some other brands. Additionally, professional installation is required to maintain warranty coverage, which can add to the overall investment. Despite these factors, the long-term benefits and protection CertainTeed provides make it a worthwhile choice for many Florida homeowners.


TAMKO shingles offer Florida homeowners an economical yet reliable roofing solution, balancing affordability with quality. With a focus on withstanding the state’s harsh weather, TAMKO shingles provide dependable protection against sun, rain, and wind without compromising durability.

Their cost-effective nature ensures homeowners can safeguard their residences without straining their budget, while still benefiting from long-lasting performance. TAMKO’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through responsive service and comprehensive warranty coverage, making them a compelling choice for those seeking both affordability and reliability in roofing options.

Deciding on the Best Roof Shingles for Your Florida Home

Shingles Roof for Florida homes from Wescon Construction, Inc.

Choosing the right roof shingles for your Florida home is crucial due to the state’s unique climate challenges. Architectural shingles emerge as the superior choice, offering enhanced durability and longevity, especially in the face of frequent storms and high humidity. Brands like CertainTeed, GAF, and Owens Corning stand out for their quality and heavy-duty shingles that can better secure your home during inclement weather. While factors such as algae resistance, warranty coverage, and energy efficiency are important to consider, it’s also essential to focus on professional installation and regular maintenance to maximize your roof’s lifespan. Ultimately, investing in the right shingles can provide peace of mind and long-term protection for your home.